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What our clients say about us . . .


       Sasolburg, Free State        



        I am 24 years old - in June 2016, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Everything felt dark and somber, I did not have the motivation to get up in the mornings as I had before. I began to withdraw myself from life. During this time, I met a person who truly cares, with her empathic, caring and non-judgmental approach Dr. Lizbé Schoeman helped me work through these struggles. Today I am grateful for these sessions with Dr. Lizbe Schoeman, as I became happier in life and had purpose again. Dr. Lizbe Schoeman is always there when in need of letting go.



       Sharpville, Vanderbijlpark        



         I thank God I met Dr Lizbe Schoeman.


She is one of the few people I have witnessed creating powerful break throughs for people. 


My heart overflows with grace and gratitude for the expanded view that I now have about myself and my purpose for being alive. There is nothing more valuable and worthwhile than experiencing inner peace again. 


I have now given myself permission to shine thanks to her. Thank you Dr Schoeman.



       Sebokeng, Vereeniging        



         My son and I have been consulting with Dr Lizbe Schoeman for about 7 years. .  She is very passionate about her work and her love for children shines through. She is very professional, she treats each child like her own. My son is very comfortable around her and he is even able to share things that he would not share with me with the Doctor.  I am truly grateful to her in my son’s life.  Thanks Dr Lizbe.




       Vereeniging, Gauteng        


2014 & 2017


    Both our daughters saw Dr Lizbe Schoeman for career aptitude testing, the oldest in 2014 and the youngest in 2017. 


We were very impressed with the counselling given and Dr Schoeman was able to give us an accurate personality assessment and career guidance which suited their abilities and personalities.  My oldest daughter is presently doing a degree which was given as an option and she is doing well and thoroughly enjoying it. My youngest daughter had absolutely no idea what subjects to choose in Grade 10, and she now has a variety of career options which she had not previously considered.


The sessions were all-inclusive and Dr Schoeman made us feel very comfortable, gave us very informative feedback sessions and answered all our many questions.


The guidance given was professional and comprehensive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Schoeman to anyone who is considering having aptitude tests done.


       Bedworthpark, Vereeniging        


         I had a break-in at my house, which was very traumatising for my whole family, the thought of some one that was able to get into my house while we are sleeping and the fact that my children sleep alone in their own bedroom almost broke me. My work  referred me to a couple of Therapist that I went to however I couldn’t get myself to open up to them, in fact I found myself cancelling the sessions altogether. I went to my family doctor due to the headache that never seemed to end due to stress and she referred me to Dr. Lizbe. The day I went to Dr. Lizbe I knew I was broken inside I just didn’t know how much. When I met her she was so welcoming, I found myself really opening up to her and told her everything that I was carrying in my heart and mind. She allowed me to let it all out and I have since felt so light and much happier as a person.  She made me so comfortable I felt like I was talking to my mother, I found myself not even wanting to miss even a minute of my sessions with her because when I left  her rooms I always felt inspired and ready to take on life as it comes. Yes at first I went to her because of the break-in however she helped me with more than that, she helped me with all aspects of my life, at being a wife, a mom, a career woman, a daughter a colleague and most importantly that little girl inside me who just wanted to fulfill her dreams.


She continued to support me even outside my sessions and I felt really special. She assisted with my self-discovery and helped me recognize years of behaviour patterns that were standing in my way. I left each session with focus and the resources to take care of myself in ways that otherwise would have never been possible.  I would like to take the time to say ‘Thank you, Doc’ You mean more to me than you will ever know, I am a better and more determined person because of you.



Vaalpark, Free State


     I noticed my 11 year old daughter’s confidence had decreased over the last year.  She became shy and unsure of herself.  She had increased mood swings.  After seeing Lizbé I have my bubbly, happy child back.  Instead of avoiding talking to any classmates when running into them at the mall, she will now wave and call out to great them.  She eagerly shares how her day was even if it was not a good one.  I don’t know what magic Lizbé performed, but I am truly grateful.          



Vaalpark, Free State


       I would like to share my experience with you!!! My daugther needed treatment and we were referred by our house doctor to see doctor Lizbé Schoeman. From the first day we walked into her room, we felt a welcoming atmosphere!! Our first consultation was with us as parents . . . she is professional . . . has a warm personality . . . and mostly you get the feeling of trust!!!



Sebokeng, Vereeniging


        I am a single parent to my son who is 9 yrs old. I encountered some problem regarding his concentration at school and the teacher frequently complained and advised me to seek help for him. I took him to an occupational therapists who recommended that I took my son to Dr Lizbé Schoeman. Dr Lizbé is the best I can tell on the manner she handles her patients, she is humble and very professional. I don't regret ever using her services, now I know how to handle my boy according to his condition. I will recommend her to every parent who's been in my situation.                                    


Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng


        Dr Lizbé helped me to see many things in my life which I could not see for myself for many years. She helped me to see things from a different view and helped me to fit all the pieces in my life into a perfect puzzle. I want to say thank you very much, it really did help talking to you.                     



Sasolburg, Free State


      Our son is 9 years old and was a patient with Doctor Lizbé.  He struggled to come to terms with his parents’ divorce and was also diagnosed with ADHD previously. She helped him to overcome his emotional pain and helped him to build interpersonal relationships. She is very friendly and she is able to quickly build trust with all parties involved in therapy. She is good in giving meaningful feedback and recommendations to us as parents on how to further help our son outside of therapy.  She brings not only the patient, but also the family together as a team to improve the emotional well-being and healing for her patients.              


Three Rivers, Vereeniging


        Addiction is a powerful bondage that binds us to the sins of the world. It is an evil spirit that is sent by Satan into our lives to deceive us and destroy our lives ever so slowly. It is like a long, long line that he has hooked us with, and is ever so slowly reeling us closer and closer. All the fun that you were having along the way is over and you live a life of hell. Always remember Satan smiles as he puts another soul into his net.


There are many types of addictions that Satan tries to hook us with. In my case it was gambling for nine years, but it is never too late to get released and free form it. I was a gambler and that was my bondage. I started off innocently so I thought playing slot machines from the age of 18 – 26 years old. I have a beautiful family with a mom, dad and sister. In nearly lost them to my gambling addiction. They threatened me to leave me and I begged and promised that I would never play again. And I quit!


My life has changed more than I can ever tell you. I am so happy now. I have such a peace about me, a peace that passes all understanding. I pray that this testimony may help you or someone you know.


Dr Lizbé Schoeman you sat with me as I outlined the traumatic events of gambling of my past that I had never managed to speak aloud. You sat and waded through the messes in my mind. From years of denial, lies and hurt. Instead of avoiding the hard topics, you embraced them. I shouldn’t be ashamed if I have anxiety. I’m guessing you are smiling right about now, reflecting on how far we’ve come.


Dr Lizbé Schoeman you were there for me when nobody believed in me. Not even myself. You were my biggest supporter. No matter how alone I felt in life, I knew you were with me every stop of the way.




       Vereeniging, Gauteng        


2016 - 2017


        My Husband and I we came to DR LIZBé SCHOEMAN as we were referred to by our general practitioner for our son who was not doing well at school and also hanging with wrong friends. I was very skeptical that she would be able to help us in any way.

Meeting with Dr Lizbe for the first time, she was an easy person to get along who speaks from the heart and is truly a supporter.

After several consultation with my son Dr Lizbe was able to find the root course of the problem with my son that escaped all his teachers  from  primary to high school years, that he  actually read slower than most of his peers his own age. With that she was able to organise with the educational department that he be allowed extra time during his exam so that he can be able to finish. I can tell you that he is a much better person since then and for that I am eternally grateful.  Thank you for all of your help.

From the beginning of this year my daughter moved to a new high school, she struggled to adjust to the new culture and the high standard of that school as results her grades dropped drastically. She was overwhelmed initially and often felt as though she was drowning under the pressure. After several consultations with Dr Lizbe she was slowly adjusting, her grades are improving and she is still attending her consultations with Dr Lizbe and is a working progress.

Thank you Dr Lizbe for your assistance.


       Vaalpark, Free State        


2015 - 2016

        My hero!  My sessions with Lizbé not only helped me survive my bouts of depression, but taught me how to deal with it. Her caring and calming approach created a safe space to identify the causes of my depression and address each one. She built my self confidence that was at an all-time low. When I lost my job in 2015, I did not have a relapse, but was able to work through the challenge of being unemployed thanks to Lizbé.

In short, she gave me back my joy! 



       Vereeniging, Gauteng        


Sporadic between 2013 - 2015


        I received treatment for 3 year by Lizbe Schoeman. Before I made my appointment I was very scared and ashamed to think I need to get help from a professional. This was the best decision I ever made for myself. Today I am 35 year old and if it was not for the 3 years going for counselling I would most probably not be here today. I would have taken my own life. I suffered from severe depression. I come from very broken home, abandonment issues, broken and bad abusive relationships, this was not easy for me, I was at a turning point in my life and I just going to turn 30 years old and I wanted to make sure that I can live life as unbroken as possible.

My dad had prostate cancer. I met my husband and loved him dearly and wanted to make sure that I am free of baggage and beginning a new page in my life and be happy and be the best partner possible. Over the last 5 year a lot happened to me.  My dad was fine after cancer, but first he wanted to take his own life and I help him through it. I was only capable of doing so by the treatment and help I received from Lizbe.


I got married; we went for fertility treatments not falling pregnant. I got through that by receiving counselling one a week. By Lizbe preparing me for how my husband felt not being happy by getting married and working with me to keep me from giving up and being happy and balanced.

I got retrenched because my husband and I worked for the same company and he went back to his old company and it was conflict of interest. So I lost my job unfairly. First I started working on a contract for my dad doing everything and saving all money to make sure we would be better off and to provide for us for the further. It went well! Later I started to work with my husband again at another company. He did not want me there and I did not understand it. But in the end I did. Little did I know what was still waiting for me?!

My husband started drinking and going out a lot. If a tried to stop him he would break me down emotionally and fight so he could go out. For 4 Years being together and loving him doing my best, I suddenly fell ill. When I went to the doctor the 3 doctors told me my husband is cheating on me and sleeping around, I could not believe something so horrible about him and then they said it must be me if it’s not him. I went for a lot of tests and cancer tests all clear. But I had to stand by myself keeping myself standing just as I went alone for my fertility.  But my counselling got me through it all. My Husband always wanted things but never supported me.

I confronted my husband to find out if he was having affairs. But he got angry and denying it. How could I think he would do something so bad to me? The doctor’s helped me got me better. But I was still stressed and not at rest in my heart. He just started drink more and more. Everything got bad. We lost our home; he was telling lies about everything and cheating on me a lot I did not know this jet. Then everything came out while staying at my parent’s in-law I was so ashamed, I lost all my friends and everything a known. He had affairs ever were at work with my girlfriends, his x-girlfriends.

He just told me few days after our 3 year anniversary he never loved me he laid to himself and to me and lost himself and he divorced me. His parents supported him. I had to go back to my broken childhood home with my dad and step mother I fell apart. My life came to an end! I wanted to take my life and end it all and some days or most days my heart was so broken it felt like I was going to die from a broken heart. My step mother was there every step of the road, never letting me go, and the one relationship that was never repairable, but by going for counselling this relationship became my saving grace…

She was the one standing next to me pulling me through it all. By going to Lizbe for many years for counselling repair relationships understand my step mother and my father, dealing with past abandonment and pain helped me to get through the divorce. I could not except what my husband did to me he laid to me every day. He had stolen my life away.  I had to work with him at the same company for a year.

By applying the tools that I learned in counselling, I coped every day and if it was not for that I would not have been alive today. I am proud to say that I fight my depression every day and I am going strong.  Not once did I drink depression medication again and I was doing well.



Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng

Sporadic between 2007 - 2017

        My daughter has been seeing Lizbé since she was 5 years old. When she was small she suffered abuse at an institution that had to care for her during the day. She was traumatized and Lizbé helped us to get through that time without emotional scars.


She has been diagnosed with Bipolar and from time to time she does not want to live.  The only person she is willing to see is Lizbé and every time when she comes from there she is like a new creation, then we can go again for a month or 2.


Over the years it feels like we have built a relationship with Lizbé. She is the only therapist that will send messages and enquire about my daughter’s emotional well being - face it, she does NOT need to do that but she is so compassionate about her job that she cares intensely about her patients.

If it was not for Lizbé and her support over the years, I don’t know if my family would be as “whole” as we are.

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