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PS: 0049697       APA: 37047685       PR: 8631174


AON: MED27560POL-17       REG No: 2012/102397/07

Member of the American Psychological Association


Every human being wants to feel loved, wanted, accepted and protected. Depending on our psychological history, we prioritize our emotional needs in different ways. Unfortunately, due to different circumstances, our needs are not always met. Emotional hunger is often caused by deprivation during our childhood. As a result thereof, people of all ages experience a variety of problems within themselves and in their interaction with people and their environment. When our needs are not met and our wants stay unfulfilled, it can cause us pain or discomfort of various sorts. Our unmet needs may result in emotional, mental or physical ailments, depression, headaches, anger, insecurities and many more. Emotional hunger occurs as a result of unmet needs. It is a primitive and chronic condition of pain and longing. Without therapy, people may desperately be struggling their whole life in attempting to fill the void or emptiness - the "hole in the soul".

The general aim of my work as a psychologist is the restoration of the authentic self, the comprehension, prevention and relieving of psychological pain, distress and dysfunction and the promotion of personal development and general well-being. I use all my acquired training, knowledge and experience to apply various psycho-therapeutic techniques to best fit the uniqueness of each individual’s psychological scenario and set of circumstances.

I completed my PhD in Counselling Psychology at the North-West University. I completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Pretoria and did my internship in an Educational setting. I have continued to further my professional expertise, experience and training by attending various training courses, workshops, congresses and conferences nationally as well as internationally (Brooklyn New York, Brisbane Australia, Zanzibar Tanzania, Sun City Bophuthatswana). In addition to my other qualifications, I completed the following three Post-Magister Certificates at the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty for Arts, Department Psychology:  Adult Psychopathology, Adult Neuropsychology and ​Adult Development and Models of Person.

I have 22 years of experience as a psychologist in private practice. I attended the Psychology Private International Congress hosted by the Association of Private Practicing Psychologists in Queensland, Australia. I have been rendering my professional services at various hospitals and clinics in Gauteng. 


I adhere to the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s Ethical Code of Professional Conduct (Effective from 1 April 2002) in that I do my best to develop, maintain and encourage high standards of professional competence to ensure that the public is protected from professional practice that falls short of international and national best practice standards.

I practice within the boundaries of my competence based on formal education, training, supervised experience, and/or appropriate professional experience. I maintain my current competency in my areas of practice through continuing professional development, consultation, and/or other procedures in conformance with current standards of scientific and/or professional knowledge.


Educational Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) since 1995 ; Psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) from 1992 until registration in 1995 as Educational psychologist ; An all Psychometric test user with the Human Sciences Research Council ; Educational Psychologist with the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) since 1995.  PsySSA is the national representative professional body for psychology in South Africa ; Psychologist in private practice with the Board of Healthcare Funders since 1995 ; Clinical hypnotherapist with the South African Society for Clinical Hypnosis (SASCH), a division of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) since 1995. Highest level of training: Phase III ; Certificate of registration of an additional Qualification (PhD) in the register for Psychologists of the HPCSA with effect from 25 August 2003 ; Member of the American Psychological Association (APA) since 2013 ; Foundation Member of the Educational Psychology Association of South Africa (EPASSA) since 2014 ; Member of the Medical Protection Society (MPS) from 2014 to 30 April 2017 for professional support, expert advice and insurance and from 1 May 2017 with AON South Africa for medical professional indemnity ; Educator with the South African Council for Educators (SACE).

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